Friday, October 31, 2008


Is nearly upon me! And i have NOTHING!

*thinks fast*

Christchurch library arranges its books in the WORST WAY. It splits its fiction into hardbacks and paperbacks. Then within them into genre - you know, Fantasy, Romance, Action.
So if you are looking for a David Eddings book, you can't simply go to E and browse at will! NO! What genre is he shelved under? Is the book you want a paperback? NOBODY KNOWS! Of course, chances are your book will be deemed "popular" so you will be required to pay $5 to loan the book for a weeks time after which it is $2 a day. Even if you are lucky enough to get a free book, they are for two week hire and there can be no renewals. Thats not fair, see? Other people might be waiting!

Timaru Library - the books are aranged in regular alphabetical order. There are DVD's aplenty, and they are FREE to hire! This week i have Bob Dylan unplugged. There are couches and beanbags and trashy magazines for relaxing in. Its lovely.


  1. Hurrah for nice things and Bob Dylan!! :D

    I can't believe you dropped your phone into the deep fryer. *shakes head laughing* I love you babe. I really do.


  2. But! But! My inner OCD-freak is crying at this lack of sense!

    And libraries are meant to be free! That's the whole point of libraries, is it not?


    I remember you telling me about this, but I'm not over it! :D

  3. Happy Hallowmeme! I tagged you in my blog, now you have to play =D