Friday, October 31, 2008


Is nearly upon me! And i have NOTHING!

*thinks fast*

Christchurch library arranges its books in the WORST WAY. It splits its fiction into hardbacks and paperbacks. Then within them into genre - you know, Fantasy, Romance, Action.
So if you are looking for a David Eddings book, you can't simply go to E and browse at will! NO! What genre is he shelved under? Is the book you want a paperback? NOBODY KNOWS! Of course, chances are your book will be deemed "popular" so you will be required to pay $5 to loan the book for a weeks time after which it is $2 a day. Even if you are lucky enough to get a free book, they are for two week hire and there can be no renewals. Thats not fair, see? Other people might be waiting!

Timaru Library - the books are aranged in regular alphabetical order. There are DVD's aplenty, and they are FREE to hire! This week i have Bob Dylan unplugged. There are couches and beanbags and trashy magazines for relaxing in. Its lovely.

Happy Halloween!!

By the end of next month i am expected to be able to prep, cook and serve every item on the menu. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Frankly, this seems pretty dangerous! I havent even heard of a few menu items before, and i still can't work out how to turn on the grills. And the fire extinguisher is too heavy for me to lift.

This week i have done 6 days and 57hours. Not too shabby for the first week, non?

Foods i have eaten that i deteste

Chef insists that we are prepared to eat everything we are prepared to serve. He is allergic to seafood yet samples fish, so "not liking something" is no excuse. Brave me!

Things that i have brought
Two work shirts - $5 each!
A sports bra - $50 (training, here i come!)
Two pairs of black pants - $30 each (work again)
Chefware - $45
Red peep toe high heels - $20 (Branded too! On sale!)
Black shorts with braces and buttons - $10 (same place)
Gallaz Jandels - $10 (Tattoo themed!)

Its been forever since i've had money to spend on me, so i am very excited to have NICE THINGS at last!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


last night i learnt how to rip the skin of a flounder in one big pull.

Then we pan fried him in butter.


With eyes

(but no guts)

and served him

I can believe people could eat him! The thing had eyes! EYES!!

I also discovered the joy of seseme oil + beans. And that when you chuck em in a pan and shake the pan about you get FLAMES. Cool!

Bowie and Flynn are still going at each other like.....well, cats and dogs!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Gracias Llama!

Im watching Diego the explorer!!

Have a two hour break from work - im doing 9 - 2.30 then 4.30 til close (10/11?)

I have orange hands from cutting up pumpkins. Pumpkins are tricky to cut. I cut my hand
I cut myself again shredding cucumbers.
I stink of scallops because i've spent half an hour wrapping them in bacon.
I have cream cheese under my nails because i was stuffing it into chicken breasts.
I burnt my arm taking the apple strudel i made out of the oven.
I rubbed salt in my cut when i seasoned the lamb
I got dirty whilst crumbing the chicken and fish.
I burnt myself when i was making the beer batter for the fish.

This is the BEST JOB EVER!!!!!!!!

I've also made a cheesecake, roasted veges, shredded peppers (you know those thin little strands of bell pepper on your salad? Yeah, done by hand) wedged tomatoes, cooked and set pasta, diced and sliced onions and mushrooms, made venison pot pies, cooked a soup AND a chowder, prepped two evenings worth of roast veges, prepped two days worth of chicken lamb and beef, mixed lettace...and i think that could be it.

Seriously, BEST JOB EVER!!!!

I dont have to do the dishes either - there is a chef, me and two kids. The chef cooks, i do the salad and chips and vege and he throws me the meat. I plate it and garnish it and one of the kids runs it to the window to be taken.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Moving Day!

And im all packed and ready to go.

Just awaiting my chariot (Mother and a truck!)

My poor wee car is packed full - i can't believe how much stuff i have! I must have thrown out five trash bags full of unwanted stuff. Of course, it could be that im a really really crappy packer as well!!

New job starts Monday, feeling nervous. I've talked myself into a position i am not experienced or qualified enough for. Im awesome though, so im sure i'll sort it out quick smart!!

It looks like rain/wind. Not fun for Mumsy and her trailor!

Finally may get to sample on of Dunsandels famous pies! Hooray!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Last day of work! Wooo!

And i am thoroughly wet.

I spent the last 15minutes filling bags and gloves with water and bursting them. Yes, seriously.

Small thrills!

I move tomorrow afternoon, i so i'll be around in the morning to have quality time with you all.

Also - Kate! Since when have you had a blog!?

ALSO - Kate, i can't work out how to follow your blog.

I have here a jar filled with condoms and lube and stuff. There must be 300+ condoms, and some viberating ones and all sorts of stuff. What the hell am i gonna do with it? I dont exactly need it at home! Im considering just slipping a condom into the Xmas cards i need to send.



A blog!

Lets start things off with a good old fashioned rant, followed by some good news and a plug!

firstly check this link here

Then tell me that that song is not THE WORST SONG EVER!!

"I want to make you move, because you're standing still"? "This club will hopefully be closed in three weeks - and that would be cool with me" "This night has not been fun, its been shitty. If one thing really means one"


The worst thing is, its SO catchy that you end up humming/singing it. So then people think you LIKE the song.


So, i rang the radio station - the upside to being at work at 6am - and i told them all that on air, and they gave me a copy of the new AC/DC albumn Black Ice. (thats the good news and the plug, kids!)

They are touring next year in NZ - no 2010, i think. Brian Johnson will be in his 60's then. I want to see them so bad!

I remember an ex Boy saying that there were three bands he wanted to see in life: Rage, AC/DC and one more - i know he's seen Rage now, AC/DC is on the way - i hope he makes the third one too!