Friday, October 24, 2008

Moving Day!

And im all packed and ready to go.

Just awaiting my chariot (Mother and a truck!)

My poor wee car is packed full - i can't believe how much stuff i have! I must have thrown out five trash bags full of unwanted stuff. Of course, it could be that im a really really crappy packer as well!!

New job starts Monday, feeling nervous. I've talked myself into a position i am not experienced or qualified enough for. Im awesome though, so im sure i'll sort it out quick smart!!

It looks like rain/wind. Not fun for Mumsy and her trailor!

Finally may get to sample on of Dunsandels famous pies! Hooray!


  1. So exciting! You're right, you ARE awesome and it WILL work out.

    Not even the wind and rain can hold you back, lovey ♥♥♥

  2. Damn right you're awesome, rad positivity! :D ^_^