Monday, November 17, 2008

Creme de Épinard

If you were offered such a thing, would you think it delicious? I would. In reality, there were a punch of potatos that were peeled yesterday and were sitting in a bucket of water in the chiller. Then there was a bunch of limp celery and some sad spinach. Vege order was in, so we cooked it with cream and blended it. Theres onion in there too, and butter. Its an excellent colour (that has become my catch phrase - im all about colour) and tastes suprisingly good! But what would you call it, we wondered. Creamy Potato Celery and Spinach doesnt sound *that* flash, and is a mouthfull for the wait staff. Enter Creme de Épinard. (Cream of Spinach). But the soup is more potato-ey. Creme da pomme de terre?

My new things are soup (its fascinating, did you know!?) the colour of food (no one else seems to care) and French Words for Kitchen Stuff (Pepperpants and Cheif Queef fortunatly indulge me in this).

Cap'n Portly discovered an odd little device behind the first aid kit. Its mint green, covered in Japanese characters and brand new. We dont know what its called, but stick a carrot in and turn the little leaver and it makes tiny little carrot curls - about 1mm wide and as long as you like. I am IN LOVE with this thing. I did a bunch of carrots for the salads - no more plain Julienned carrots for us! I then proceeded to the potatoes - a tiny little birdsnest of curled up potato, the size of a walnut, flash fried is the perfect garnish for Creme de Épinard, don't you think?

Its a good colour, anyway.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Satay Sticks - no satay please, im allergic.

Soooo tired.

But today is 28 degrees, im wearing a summery dress, and i've lost weight! So its all good.

Rang to get my blood test results from last week - "Hmm...there are a few things here of concern. Firstly, your iron is low. Do you think you can come in and discuss the rest with the doctor?" which sounds rather alarming, but i think is her way of trying to fleece an extra $40 out of me! Will report back.

I aplogize to everyone for my long absense - here, in email, facebook, forums. I've been flat out busy with work, and people, and sleep.

I finally got my xmas cards, and am *just* copying down the addresses of people i need to send too. Hopefully i havent left it too late, they might be getting new years cards at the rate i go!!

Work gives me the happy in about a billion ways - i worked 36hours over the weekend (fri,sat,sun) which is more then what i'd usually work in a week at my previous job. And at the end of my 13 hour shift, as i put my hands in fish insides - i was still smiling and loving every minute of it!

I should be off and about doing *stuff* but everyone, i miss you all!

Monday, November 3, 2008

The culinary industry is a tactile one!

Thats what Chef-1 (who shall be known as Pepperpants!) said.

Its true.

Things you want to know about eating out #2

Vegetable soup is made from left over roast veges, mash, broccoli butts, asparagas ends and all those offcut bits of vege that would be otherwise thrown out. Waste not, want not!

(we touch that as well)

On the weekend, mother and I lay on the grass for nearly four hours reading!! She lathered herself in sunblock (fearing wrinkles) and i did not (expecting a tan). She is a nice dark brown, i am still corpse-white. Heh!

ALSO - i have decided to aim for the Coast to Coast which is just over a year away. With that in mind i've been running a bundle - and you know what, im not as unfit as i suspected! I've also just experienced that mind-click that stops me from full on running for 10 minutes and slowing down so i can jog for a half hour. I live *just* across the road from the most fabulous gorge which has excellent running/mountain biking tracks that im loving. I dislike road-running because its boring. These tracks are such that i have to be alert constantly in case of rabbits or holes or tree branches.

I am to see my doc in 45minutes. I should straighten my hair. I havent seen this doc in some years, since well before i moved. I feel stupid seeing a doc - i can't pinpoint one thing thats wrong, just that nothing is *right*. It'd be easier if i could just say "My leg hurts".

Sunday, November 2, 2008


As Tagged by the sensational Hope!

Seven answers to seven questions…
1. It is your lucky day what are you going to do? sleep in! go for a ride through the bush to the river, set up camp and spend the evening with buddies and marshmellows! (And the horse and dog, of course!)
2. What was the game you played as a child that you almost always or always did win?
I won everything...because it was easier then the tantrum if i lost *shame*
3. You get to meet anyone from the past or present who will it be?
David Bowie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (or, if i get one from the past as well, Jim Morrison!!)
4. When you relax what is it that you do?
Play guitar!
5. What is your favorite number?
13. Cuz everyone thinks its unlucky. Or 19. Cuz Stephen King has too much influence.
6. What was the name of your favorite childhood toy?
I think it was just called "Troll" and it was a giant troll, with a soft body.
7. If you could name the next fashion fade/craze what would it be?
Farm-chic. Swandri, dryz-a-bone, leather riding boots, big fuggly woollen jumpers. Dirty jeans or jodz. Chaps. Flannel button ups. The stuff i wear every day anyway!!

And i can't tag anyone because everyone i know who has a blog has already had this! Friend-FAIL!

Important fact about chefs

We touch your food.

We touch your food a lot.

(1080 words on Nano done. I have a plot, an ending, main characters and a lot of filler in my head thats ready to be written down too. Soon. When i have time.)

*hopefully* have found myself a kayak! Fingers crossed tight.

Friday, October 31, 2008


Is nearly upon me! And i have NOTHING!

*thinks fast*

Christchurch library arranges its books in the WORST WAY. It splits its fiction into hardbacks and paperbacks. Then within them into genre - you know, Fantasy, Romance, Action.
So if you are looking for a David Eddings book, you can't simply go to E and browse at will! NO! What genre is he shelved under? Is the book you want a paperback? NOBODY KNOWS! Of course, chances are your book will be deemed "popular" so you will be required to pay $5 to loan the book for a weeks time after which it is $2 a day. Even if you are lucky enough to get a free book, they are for two week hire and there can be no renewals. Thats not fair, see? Other people might be waiting!

Timaru Library - the books are aranged in regular alphabetical order. There are DVD's aplenty, and they are FREE to hire! This week i have Bob Dylan unplugged. There are couches and beanbags and trashy magazines for relaxing in. Its lovely.

Happy Halloween!!

By the end of next month i am expected to be able to prep, cook and serve every item on the menu. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Frankly, this seems pretty dangerous! I havent even heard of a few menu items before, and i still can't work out how to turn on the grills. And the fire extinguisher is too heavy for me to lift.

This week i have done 6 days and 57hours. Not too shabby for the first week, non?

Foods i have eaten that i deteste

Chef insists that we are prepared to eat everything we are prepared to serve. He is allergic to seafood yet samples fish, so "not liking something" is no excuse. Brave me!

Things that i have brought
Two work shirts - $5 each!
A sports bra - $50 (training, here i come!)
Two pairs of black pants - $30 each (work again)
Chefware - $45
Red peep toe high heels - $20 (Branded too! On sale!)
Black shorts with braces and buttons - $10 (same place)
Gallaz Jandels - $10 (Tattoo themed!)

Its been forever since i've had money to spend on me, so i am very excited to have NICE THINGS at last!!