Thursday, October 23, 2008



A blog!

Lets start things off with a good old fashioned rant, followed by some good news and a plug!

firstly check this link here

Then tell me that that song is not THE WORST SONG EVER!!

"I want to make you move, because you're standing still"? "This club will hopefully be closed in three weeks - and that would be cool with me" "This night has not been fun, its been shitty. If one thing really means one"


The worst thing is, its SO catchy that you end up humming/singing it. So then people think you LIKE the song.


So, i rang the radio station - the upside to being at work at 6am - and i told them all that on air, and they gave me a copy of the new AC/DC albumn Black Ice. (thats the good news and the plug, kids!)

They are touring next year in NZ - no 2010, i think. Brian Johnson will be in his 60's then. I want to see them so bad!

I remember an ex Boy saying that there were three bands he wanted to see in life: Rage, AC/DC and one more - i know he's seen Rage now, AC/DC is on the way - i hope he makes the third one too!


  1. And in popping the blog comment's cherry....

    I have always quizzled over that song!! How excellent for winning a CD for doing just that though!! And you're going to get to see all the people you've ever wanted to see soon, or at least a majority of them! :)