Thursday, October 23, 2008

Last day of work! Wooo!

And i am thoroughly wet.

I spent the last 15minutes filling bags and gloves with water and bursting them. Yes, seriously.

Small thrills!

I move tomorrow afternoon, i so i'll be around in the morning to have quality time with you all.

Also - Kate! Since when have you had a blog!?

ALSO - Kate, i can't work out how to follow your blog.

I have here a jar filled with condoms and lube and stuff. There must be 300+ condoms, and some viberating ones and all sorts of stuff. What the hell am i gonna do with it? I dont exactly need it at home! Im considering just slipping a condom into the Xmas cards i need to send.


  1. DOOOOOOOOOOO ITTTTTTTTTTT! I'm totally expecting a condom from you now! :D

    Also, for ages, I did send it to you, but I don't update it. Maybe I should...

    ALSO, I've no idea, but I shall look into that!

  2. PS. You can now follow my blog. I added it. And I updated!!!

  3. Wait...

    Vibrating condoms?

    I want one of those in my Christmas card!!! =D