Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

By the end of next month i am expected to be able to prep, cook and serve every item on the menu. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Frankly, this seems pretty dangerous! I havent even heard of a few menu items before, and i still can't work out how to turn on the grills. And the fire extinguisher is too heavy for me to lift.

This week i have done 6 days and 57hours. Not too shabby for the first week, non?

Foods i have eaten that i deteste

Chef insists that we are prepared to eat everything we are prepared to serve. He is allergic to seafood yet samples fish, so "not liking something" is no excuse. Brave me!

Things that i have brought
Two work shirts - $5 each!
A sports bra - $50 (training, here i come!)
Two pairs of black pants - $30 each (work again)
Chefware - $45
Red peep toe high heels - $20 (Branded too! On sale!)
Black shorts with braces and buttons - $10 (same place)
Gallaz Jandels - $10 (Tattoo themed!)

Its been forever since i've had money to spend on me, so i am very excited to have NICE THINGS at last!!

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