Monday, November 3, 2008

The culinary industry is a tactile one!

Thats what Chef-1 (who shall be known as Pepperpants!) said.

Its true.

Things you want to know about eating out #2

Vegetable soup is made from left over roast veges, mash, broccoli butts, asparagas ends and all those offcut bits of vege that would be otherwise thrown out. Waste not, want not!

(we touch that as well)

On the weekend, mother and I lay on the grass for nearly four hours reading!! She lathered herself in sunblock (fearing wrinkles) and i did not (expecting a tan). She is a nice dark brown, i am still corpse-white. Heh!

ALSO - i have decided to aim for the Coast to Coast which is just over a year away. With that in mind i've been running a bundle - and you know what, im not as unfit as i suspected! I've also just experienced that mind-click that stops me from full on running for 10 minutes and slowing down so i can jog for a half hour. I live *just* across the road from the most fabulous gorge which has excellent running/mountain biking tracks that im loving. I dislike road-running because its boring. These tracks are such that i have to be alert constantly in case of rabbits or holes or tree branches.

I am to see my doc in 45minutes. I should straighten my hair. I havent seen this doc in some years, since well before i moved. I feel stupid seeing a doc - i can't pinpoint one thing thats wrong, just that nothing is *right*. It'd be easier if i could just say "My leg hurts".

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  1. A tactile one indeed. It scares me how much one touches my food!!

    I want to come see you do Coast to Coast. *ponders* I do wish I could just jog, but your gorge sounds divine. I'm so jealous!!

    How'd the doc go?