Monday, November 17, 2008

Creme de Épinard

If you were offered such a thing, would you think it delicious? I would. In reality, there were a punch of potatos that were peeled yesterday and were sitting in a bucket of water in the chiller. Then there was a bunch of limp celery and some sad spinach. Vege order was in, so we cooked it with cream and blended it. Theres onion in there too, and butter. Its an excellent colour (that has become my catch phrase - im all about colour) and tastes suprisingly good! But what would you call it, we wondered. Creamy Potato Celery and Spinach doesnt sound *that* flash, and is a mouthfull for the wait staff. Enter Creme de Épinard. (Cream of Spinach). But the soup is more potato-ey. Creme da pomme de terre?

My new things are soup (its fascinating, did you know!?) the colour of food (no one else seems to care) and French Words for Kitchen Stuff (Pepperpants and Cheif Queef fortunatly indulge me in this).

Cap'n Portly discovered an odd little device behind the first aid kit. Its mint green, covered in Japanese characters and brand new. We dont know what its called, but stick a carrot in and turn the little leaver and it makes tiny little carrot curls - about 1mm wide and as long as you like. I am IN LOVE with this thing. I did a bunch of carrots for the salads - no more plain Julienned carrots for us! I then proceeded to the potatoes - a tiny little birdsnest of curled up potato, the size of a walnut, flash fried is the perfect garnish for Creme de Épinard, don't you think?

Its a good colour, anyway.


  1. Please can you cook for me?

    I'm so trying to figure out when I can come and eat at this place of work!!!! :)

  2. And here I was pleased as punch with myself for sauteeing a few mushrooms into an omelette this morning...

    I love soups, but I have no gift for making them. Pop a can, that's about as far as I get with're an inspiration!