Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Satay Sticks - no satay please, im allergic.

Soooo tired.

But today is 28 degrees, im wearing a summery dress, and i've lost weight! So its all good.

Rang to get my blood test results from last week - "Hmm...there are a few things here of concern. Firstly, your iron is low. Do you think you can come in and discuss the rest with the doctor?" which sounds rather alarming, but i think is her way of trying to fleece an extra $40 out of me! Will report back.

I aplogize to everyone for my long absense - here, in email, facebook, forums. I've been flat out busy with work, and people, and sleep.

I finally got my xmas cards, and am *just* copying down the addresses of people i need to send too. Hopefully i havent left it too late, they might be getting new years cards at the rate i go!!

Work gives me the happy in about a billion ways - i worked 36hours over the weekend (fri,sat,sun) which is more then what i'd usually work in a week at my previous job. And at the end of my 13 hour shift, as i put my hands in fish insides - i was still smiling and loving every minute of it!

I should be off and about doing *stuff* but everyone, i miss you all!

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  1. How'd the doctor go?

    I'm stoked that you're enjoying your job so much! It gives me the happy too!! :D

    I have your Christmas Card sitting here too..... *eye roll*

    Love you babe! xoxoxo